Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HMS! 

We have opportunities to volunteer in the Media Center, at the Front Desk as a greeter, for grade level activities including dances and parties!  We NEED your help!
Below you'll find details of the active volunteer opportunities.  Please sign up online here.

What do you need to do before volunteering in the school?

Safety is a top priority for Fulton County Schools, and as such requires volunteers to register before coming into the school or classrooms and working with children.
The volunteer registration and mandatory reporting training have been combined into a single portal.  For those with children in multiple schools, you just need to go through this registration process once and will be able to designate all the schools at which you may volunteer.
To register, you will need your state issued identification.  Have what you need? Then go to the site now.  We highly recommend doing this as soon as you can, as it can take 48 hours for the system to be complete processing the registration.