Position Name Email Cell
CO-PRESIDENT Kelly Marks jkkmarks@hotmail.com 410-375-2087
CO-PRESIDENT Noelle Pedraza noelle.pedraza@gmail.com 770-715-6715
TREASURER Shaun Hunt shaunmhunt@gmail.com 678-667-1757
SECRETARY Terri Straw tstraw95@gmail.com 404-510-4231
1ST VP-WAYS AND MEANS Kindrea Becker kindreap@hotmail.com 404-324-0612
Membership Co-Chair Jennifer Oseid jenoseid@me.com 813-777-9590
Membership Co-Chair Lina Pieterse lina@malida-consult.com 770-878-8078
Member Co-Chair Alice Hoffman alicehoffman13@yahoo.com 404-518-8373
Business Partners Co-Chair Shayna Abbas abbasfamily19@gmail.com 404-274-3527
Business Partners Co-Chair      
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Chris Thiel christhiel21@yahoo.com 678-910-7885
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Jonelle Frankiewicz mjls0004@gmail.com 574-210-3869
Box Tops Co-Chair Traci Butler traci_btlr@yahoo.com 678-372-0287
Box Tops Co-Chair Alyx Petcovic alyxphillips@hotmail.com 404-433-7554
Teacher Mini-Grants Marie Hobbs hobbsfamily95@gmail.com 847-609-9935
2ND VP-GRADE LEVEL SUPPORT Vicky Sanchez vtuymer@hotmail.com 678-860-8002
6th Grade Activities Co-Chair      
6th Grade Activities Co-Chair Christine Estes christierestes@me.com 678-642-0478
7th Grade Activities Chair      
7th Grade Activities Chair Alice Hoffman alicehoffman13@yahoo.com 404-518-8373
7th Grade Activities Chair      
8th Grade Activities-Dance Chair Jennifer Oseid jenoseid@me.com 813-777-9590
8th Grade Activities-Dance Chair Lina Pieterse lina@malida-consult.com 770-878-8078
8th Grade Trip Lina Pieterse lina@malida-consult.com 770-878-8078
8th Grade Trip Kindrea Becker kindreap@hotmail.com 404-324-0612
8th Grade Career Day Jennifer Brousseau botfish@gmail.com 704-728-1317
8th Grade Promotion      
8th Grade Promotion Lina Pieterse lina@malida-consult.com 770-878-8078
8th Grade Promotion Chris Thiel christheil21@yahoo.com 678-910-7885

Exceptional Children

Lisa Whalen



3RD VP-STANDING COMMITTEES Mimi Madrid mimi_madrid@yahoo.com 832-334-8284
Hospitality Co-Chair Kim Wildstein k_wildstein@yahoo.com 914-589-5247
Hospitality Co-Chair Melissa Holman mholman71@yahoo.com 404-435-8173
Hospitality Co-Chair Jennifer Alexander jbalexander30@yahoo.com 404-218-9426
Grounds Beautification      
Community Outreach Co-Chair Vicky Bibler vabelt@yahoo.com 904-599-2930
4TH VP-COMMUNICATIONS Laury Rush lauryrush@gmail.com 770-316-0178
Legislative Representative Shelley Suco sucohouse@gmail.com 205-408-4333
Volunteer Coordinator Laury Rush lauryrush@gmail.com 770-316-0178
Newsletter Jennifer Oseid jenoseid@me.com 813-777-9590
Webmaster Aarti Holla Rao aartihr@gmail.com  
Teacher Liaison Sarah Whitfield whitfields@fultonschools.org 770-317-1829
Social Media Alice Hoffman alicehoffman13@yahoo.com 404-518-8373
5TH VP-PROGRAMS AND EVENTS June Swift juneswift3@gmail.com 770-841-4193
Book Fair Co-Chair Laury Rush lauryrush@gmail.com 770-316-0178
Book Fair Co-Chair Korie Brown koriebrown08@gmail.com 952-500-0834
Red Ribbon Week Kristin Harbot peechii@hotmail.com 678-427-9618
Reflections Chair Jennifer Brousseau botfish@gmail.com 704-728-1317
Family Event Chair June Swift  juneswift3@gmail.com 770-841-4193
International Night Izabela Attard izaattard@aol.com 770-241-3919